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Receiving Knowledge is important but evaluating the understanding gained is also critical. Adapting to learn digitally from the formative years will build solid foundations for the students. In the current fast changing world there is a need to create more awareness. More collaborative actions between parents and educators are needed. Technology can bring a deep impact for personalized education.


Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Internet of things...have not just changed the economic activities but our way of life and thinking. There is demand for new skills. The present principle to stay employable is to reskill/upskill. For millennial, there would be jobs which don’t even exist today. Disrupted through innovation, the education sector in India is undergoing the transformation.

K-12 Pathshala

An unmatched and easy platform to track students performance from standard 3rd to 12th class

Competitive Exams

Opening new gates to assess potential skill sets attained.

VLSI Professionals

The increase demand of consumer electronics has increased the demand for chip designing industry.

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Our specialized platform is defined for students from every age group click here to access our youtube channel.


VLSI Interviews


How do we crack VLSI interviews is a big hindrance. Get trained on our platform and see career growth…


K12 Studies


Levels of foundation, and enhancement assessments & daily reports are available for all age group of K12 students…


Self Mentorship Certification


We offer basic and advance level of Self Mentorship Certification to students and working professionals in the market…

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