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14 Secret Ingredients which will help you breakthrough any Competitive Exam




 “Never ever, Reinvent the wheel”


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If someone has spent his countless hours and lifeblood in condensing  his knowledge into structured notes, then you should try your level best to utilise them. This will turn decades into days for you and skyrocket your preparation. So, go on network with previous years toppers or someone who has “been there, done that” and ask for their notes. You can also buy or find such notes online or in popular markets.




 “Anticipation is the ultimate power


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Dig deep into the solved papers of last years and try to find common patterns in the previous years. You can find tons of resources where detailed breakup and analysis of previous years will be offered . Based on all the insights that you have mined from last years papers, you will have a good sense of what to expect from the upcoming papers. Bonus: Look for multiple ways to solve the same questions from previous year papers.


4) The power of “Study Buddy”:  


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Having a study buddy will turboboost your preparations, keep your moral high and keep you accountable to give your best shot everytime. Make sure to choose a buddy who has the highest standards and is more committed than you are to crack the exam. Such a buddy will push to your highest standards. And whats more, both of you can divide the syllabus and study individual parts. Later you can come together, exchange notes and teach each other the synopsis which will save countless hours for both of you



5) Mock Tests:

“Practise makes a man Perfect”



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Make sure to go through a real simulated mock test and practise it religiously . It will help you optimise your Speed, Accuracy and give you feedback about which areas you need to improve on. If you are thinking of cracking UPSC this year, you should not miss out on this



6 ) Get a Reality Check:




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After taking your several mock tests, you will figure out where you stand with reference to your competition nationally. So choose a mock test which offers an All India Ranking so that you can have a reality check before the actual exams, and then you can fine-tune your preparations according to the detailed feedback provided by the Mock Exams.


7) MindMap your Notes


Now that you have prioritised with Paretto Principle and prepared well with a Study buddy, you can convert all your detailed notes into Mindmaps which will help you revise your entire preparation visually in a fraction of the time. Moreover study shows that people retain 3 times more information if they have visual picture in mind. So take advantage of great online tools like MindJetPro or simply stick to pen and paper.



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We have 7 more amazing power tricks in our toolkit which will be revealed to you in the part 2 of this series. Till then, prepare well and best wishes from Team Edusaksham.