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7 Deadly Myths of Cracking the IAS exam

“Remember Your Attitude determines your Altitude”


Myth 2: You need to burn midnight oil for 3 years to crack this exam

We completely agree that there is no substitute for Hard work, but you should focus on doing the right work or smart work first. Have a winnable strategy for preparations which highly prioritises your entire syllabus. Take advantage of the 14 SECRET INGREDIENTS WHICH WILL HELP YOU BREAKTHROUGH ANY COMPETITIVE EXAM


Myth 3: It is very difficult for students with non-engineering background to clear this exam.

Though the engineering background gives the students a little edge over others when it comes to CSAT exams, but that’s about it. Lookout for our next blog post where we wil explain the strategies non- engineers  can leverage to crack CSAT with ease.

In the end, the one who puts in the hardwork and gives his best performance ends up in cracking the exam.


Myth 4: I am Hindi or non-English medium candidate. I am at a disadvantage as compared to English medium candidates

The language you choose is not a handicap, rather, lack of confidence and non-availability of study materials is. Every year numerous students from non-English background are clearing the civil services exam. You too can. Also, you should always select the language you are most comfortable in expressing yourself. So please don’t opt for English as medium of examination if you aren’t comfortable in it...


Myth 5: You don’t need to take Mock Exams.


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In order to make sure that you why you get the best out of everything of yourself, and the countless hours you have spent in preparation. It is extremely important to take a Real Simulated Mock tests multiple times so that you are completely confident about what to
expect from the actual exam. You will get detailed feedback, a reality check and with practice your accuracy and speed will improve drastically.


Try the the Basic standard for CSAT Mock Exams for Free now.


Myth 6: If you choose a optional subject which is less popular, you will have higher chances of cracking the exam


This is a very popular myth among the students appearing for UPSC exams.


But the reality is the number of candidates to be selected for a certain optional is directly propotional the number of students who opted for it.


Myth 7: You need to select two optional subjects for Mains:


After the Mains pattern changed in 2013, you only need to select ONE optional subject and NOT 2 according to the the new pattern


We wanted to completely debunk the 7 biggest Myths when it comes to cracking the ‘IAS exam’, so that you once these mental obstacles are removed from your head, you can completely focus on giving your best shot to crack the ‘IAS exam.’ (UPSC)