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What is Mock Test?



2) Better Time Management.



Time is one of the most important factor when it comes to clearing UPSC Prelims. If there is a well laid plan on how to approach the paper, 50% work is already done.

Mock tests give the repetitive set of the exam. The more paper you solve the better are your chances to finish the paper on time. Always remember, with exercise comes the ability to classify the questions as per scores.


3) Revise Syllabus





Mock tests help students by giving an opportunity to revise the syllabus well before the real examinations.


4) Boost Confidence

 Practice not only makes your perfect but also builds confidence. It helps you manage time and performance with great confidence. The more test youll give, the better youll understand your strong and weak areas. It also gives you the opportunity to solve every question with a positive attitude.


5) Reduce Errors





The chances of you committing the small mistakes like wrong calculation, lack of attention and others. Hence, the more you practice with Online Mock Tests, the more alert youll be during the exam. It allows you to learn from your mistakes. Most of the mistakes can be overcome with the help of Mock test papers situation and help in laying out that plan required for the examination.


6) Insights from Feedback

 Only attempting several Mock tests will not help your preparation until and unless you go ahead and analyze your score after each attempt. This is very important.

Giving Mock test and not analyzing it will only make you comfortable with the exam format or timings but it will not help in increasing your overall score





After giving every Mock Tests you must analyze:

- The time taken to solve each section?
- Which question took the maximum time to solve?
- Which section was the easiest for you and the hardest one?
- Average time spent on each question in a section?
- What is your Accuracy level Versus Number of Attempts?

Analyze these aspects and try to change your style of attempts in the next Mock tests in order to achieve the best time and accuracy.


7) Optimize your Performance


By taking mock tests, students become habituated to spend the least amount of time on a single question. Only when a student gives mock exams, he will realize the importance of every minute during the test and can compel himself to abandon a question if it is stretching beyond the time limit designated for each problem. With eduSaksham’s Mock UPSC Prelims Exams, students developed a practice to skip difficult questions which they would have otherwise solved in fifteen minutes rather than earning easy marks in the next five minutes of the next question.


8) Better Problem Solving Skills





When students appear for mock UPSC Prelims exams, it gives them a good opportunity to enhance their problem solving skills and also improving their approach towards the test. Such mock exams help students in identifying which areas require improvement and also look at multiple ways of solving the same questions using different strategies and power tricks.


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