Chapter 4: Heredity and Evolution

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Heredity and Evolution


A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with short pea plants bearing white flowers. The progeny all bore violet flowers, but almost half of them were short. This suggests that the genetic make-up of the tall parent can be depicted as:

(a) TTWW

(b) TTww

(c) TtWW

(d) TtWw


Law of Dominance: It states that in a pair of contrasting alleles, only one will express itself in the F1 generation. The allele which expresses itself is called a dominant allele and the other is called a recessive allele.

In the given question, all the progeny bore violet flowers, so tall plant with violet flower will have 'WW' genotype. The progeny obtained is both tall and short, so the genotype of plant with respect to height will be 'Tt'. For double heterozygous dominant parent (TtWw), the F1 generation would exhibit recessive traits for both height of plant and color of flower. But here F1 generation exhibits only violet flower, so the dominant parent is homozygous for flower color. 

Hence, the correct answer is (c) TtWW.



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