Chapter 3: How do Organisms Reproduce?

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How Do Organisms Reproduce?


The anther contains:

(a) sepals.

(b) ovules.

(c) pistil.

(d) pollen grains


Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants. A flower consists of sepals, petals, stamen, and carpel. Sepals are the green colour structure that provides protection to the flower during the bud stage. Stamens are male reproductive parts and carpels are female reproductive parts of a flower. They contain germs cells called gametes. The anther is the part of the male reproductive organ that produces and disperse pollen grains. The pistil is the part of the female reproductive part of the flower that helps to receive pollen grains from anther and is involved in its germination.

Hence, the correct answer is (d) pollen grains.

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