Chapter 5: Our Environment

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Our Environment


Which of the following groups contain only biodegradable items?

(a) Grass, flowers and leather

(b) Grass, wood and plastic

(c) Fruit-peels, cake and lime-juice

(d) Cake, wood and grass


The substances that can be decomposed by the decomposers are called biodegradable substances. They generally do not pollute the environment and do not cause a hazard to plants and animals. Grass, flowers, wood, fruit-peels, cake, and lime-juice are some examples of biodegradable substances.

The substances that cannot be decomposed by the decomposers are called non-biodegradable substances. They last for a longer time in the environment and generally pollute the environment and cause a hazard to the plants and animals. Leather and plastic are some examples of non-biodegradable substances.

Hence, options (c) and (d) are correct.


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