Chapter 5: Periodic Classifications of Elements

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Periodic Classifications of Elements


By considering their position in the Periodic Table, which one of the following elements would you expect to have maximum metallic characteristics?

Ga,  Ge,  As,  Se,  Be


Metals are the substance that can donate the electrons easily while non-metals are the substance that can accept the electrons easily. On moving left to right in a period, metallic character decreases but metallic character increases on moving down the group. Beryllium belongs to group 2. So, it is metal. Gallium, Germanium, and Arsenic belong to Period 4. This means that Gallium will be more metallic than the rest two elements. From Be and Ga, Ga is more metallic because of its bigger size and less nuclear attraction on the valence electrons. Thus, the correct answer is Gallium (Ga).

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