Chapter 3: Metals and Non-metals

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Metals and Non-metals


Metallic oxides of zinc, magnesium and copper were heated with the following metals:

In which cases will you find displacement reactions taking place?


The reactivity series is a list of metals arranged in the order of their activities. The reactivity series for certain elements are as follows:

The magnesium is the most reactive metal while zinc is more reactive metal than copper. Magnesium metal will displace zinc and copper from their oxide while zinc will displace copper from its oxide. Copper metal will not show a displacement reaction.

Displacement reaction by Magnesium

Mg (s) + ZnO (s) → MgO (s) + Zn (s)

Mg (s) + CuO (s) → MgO (s) + Cu (s)


Displacement reaction by Zinc

Zn(s) + CuO (s) → ZnO (s) + Cu (s)

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