Chapter 5: Periodic Classifications of Elements

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Periodic Classifications of Elements


Nitrogen (atomic number 7) and phosphorus (atomic number 15) belong to group 15 of the periodic table. Write the electronic configuration of these two elements. Which of these will be more electronegative? Why?


The atomic number of nitrogen is 7. It means that it has 7 electrons. So, the electronic configuration of nitrogen is (2, 5).

The atomic number of phosphorus is 15. It means that it has 15 electrons. So, the electronic configuration of phosphorus is (2, 8, 5).

Nitrogen and phosphorus belong to the same group. Phosphorus has a larger size than nitrogen. So, the nuclear pull on the electrons will be less in phosphorus and hence it has less tendency to attract the electrons. Thus, nitrogen is more electronegative than phosphorus.

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