Chapter 4: Carbon and Its Compounds

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Carbon and Its Compound


What is hydrogenation? What is its industrial application?


The addition reaction is a type of reaction in which the unsaturated hydrocarbon is converted into saturated hydrocarbon by reacting with hydrogen gas in presence of nickel. This reaction is also called hydrogenation reaction. For example, ethene undergoes a hydrogenation reaction to form ethane.

{color{Blue} oldsymbol{	extbf{}C{ H }_{ 2 }=C{ H }_{ 2 }(g)+{ H }_{ 2 }(g)xrightarrow [ Delta ]{ Ni } C{ H }_{ 3 }-C{ H }_{ 3 }(g)}}

    Ethene                                           Ethane   

This reaction is commonly used in industry to produce ghee from vegetable oil. Vegetable oil contains long-chain unsaturated fatty acid which is hydrogenated to form ghee that contains long-chain saturated fatty acids.

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