Chapter 3: Metals and Non-metals

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Metals and Non-metals


Which of the following methods is suitable for preventing an iron frying pan from rusting?

(a) Applying grease

(b) Applying paint

(c) Applying a coating of zinc

(d) All of the above


Corrosion of metal is a redox reaction in which a metal is oxidized naturally to its ions, resulting in the partial or complete destruction of the metal. In corrosion, both oxidation and reduction take place simultaneously which leads to the formation of rust. The rusting of iron can be prevented by applying grease, paints, oil, or coat with zinc metal. When the iron pan is coated with grease or paints, it is removed easily after heating and washing it repeatedly. So, the best method to prevent rusting of the iron pan is to coat the pan with zinc metal. Galvanization is the process in which the iron or steel surfaces are coated with zinc to prevent them from rusting. It forms a thick layer of zinc on an iron object that is harder to remove.

Therefore, the correct answer is (c) Applying a coating of zinc.

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