Chapter 4: Carbon and Its Compounds

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Carbon and Its Compound


While cooking, if the bottom of the vessel is getting blackened on the outside, it means that:

(a) the food is not cooked completely

(b) the fuel is not burning completely

(c) the fuel is wet

(d) the fuel is burning completely


The combustion reaction is the reaction in which the organic compound burn in the presence of oxygen gas to form carbon dioxide and water. The general reaction for the combustion reaction of fuel is shown below:

Fuel + O2 → CO2 + H2O + Heat + Light


The complete combustion of the fuel produces a clean blue flame. When the air holes of the burner are blocked, less amount of oxygen is available for the combustion reaction and hence the fuel gets wasted. When the fuel does not burn completely, a sooty flame appears which make the bottom of the cooking utensil black.

Therefore, the correct answer is (b) the fuel is not burning completely.

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