Chapter 4: Carbon and Its Compounds

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Carbon and Its Compound


Why is the conversion of ethanol to ethanoic acid an oxidation reaction?


The ethanol reacts with alkaline potassium permanganate or acidified potassium dichromate to form ethanoic acid. This reaction is called an oxidation reaction because the oxidizing agent like potassium permanganate or potassium dichromate provides oxygen to the ethanol. So, the ethanol gains oxygen to form ethanoic acid.

{color{Blue} oldsymbol{mathbf{	extit{}}CH_{ 3 }C{ H }_{ 2 }OH(aq)xrightarrow [ ]{ Alk.KMn{ O }_{ 4 } } CH_{ 3 }COOH(aq)}}

    Ethanol                                      Ethanoic acid

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