Chapter 3: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

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Pair of linear equations in two variables CBSE NCERT Solutions


Half the perimeter of a rectangle garden, whose length is 4 m more than its width, is 36 m. Find the dimensions of the garden.


Solution: Let the length of a rectangular garden is x meters and width of a rectangular garden is y meters.

According to given conditions, the perimeter is 36 m.

  [2(x + y)] = 36

x + y = 36                          ……(i)

And x = y + 4  – y = 4 ……..(ii)

Adding eq. (i) and (ii),

2x = 40

 x = 20 m

Subtracting Eq. (ii) from eq. (i),

2y = 32

 y = 16 m

Hence, length = 20 m and width = 16 m.


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