Chapter 4: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

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Magnetic Effects of Electric Current


Imagine that you are sitting in a chamber with your back to one wall. An electron beam, moving horizontally from back wall towards the front wall, is deflected by a strong magnetic field to your right side. What is the direction of magnetic field?


Here the electron beam is moving from our back wall to the front wall, so the direction of the current will be in the opposite direction, from the front wall towards the back wall. The direction of deflection (or force) is towards our right side.

So, the direction of current is from the front towards the back wall, and the direction of force is towards our right side.

We will get the direction of the magnetic field using Fleming’s left hand rule,

Hold the forefinger, middle finger and thumb of our left hand at right angles to one another. We now adjust the hand in such a way that our centre finger points towards us (in the direction of current) and thumb points towards right side (in the direction of force). Now, if we look at our forefinger, it will be pointing vertically downwards. Since the direction of forefinger gives the direction of magnetic field, therefore, the magnetic field is in the vertically downward direction.

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