Chapter - 5 Sources of Energy

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Sources of Energy


Most of the sources of energy we use represent stored solar energy. Which of the following is not ultimately derived from the Sun’s energy?

(a) geothermal energy             (b) wind energy

(c) nuclear energy                    (d) bio-mass


The correct option is (c).

Nuclear Energy: The energy released during the nuclear reaction is called nuclear energy.

•        There are two basic nuclear reactions nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

•        Nuclear fission is used to generate electricity.

Nuclear Fission: The process in which heavy nucleus of a radioactive atom such as uranium, plutonium or thorium are split up into smaller nuclei when bombarded with low energy neutrons is called nuclear fission.

Nuclear Fusion: The process in which two nuclei of light elements (like hydrogen) combined to form a heavy nucleus (like helium) is called nuclear fusion.

Nuclear energy is independent of sunlight. These reactions can be performed in the absence or presence of sunlight.

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