Chapter 1: Light - Reflection and Refraction

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Light - Reflection and Reflection


Name the type of mirror used in the following situations.

(a) Headlights of a car.

(b) Side/rear-view mirror of a vehicle.

(c) Solar furnace.

Support your answer with reason.


(a) Concave mirrors are used as reflectors in headlights of cars. Because when a bulb is located at the focus of the concave mirror, the light rays after reflection from the mirror produce parallel beam of light that travel over a large distance.

(b) Convex mirror is used as a rear-view mirror because it always forms a virtual and an erect image for all positions of the object. The image formed is diminished or smaller in size, which gives a wider field of view to the driver.

(c) Large concave mirrors are used to concentrate sunlight to produce heat in solar furnaces. Because concave mirrors are converging in nature so they converge the sunlight incident on them at a point called principal focus, which is used to produce a large amount of heat for the solar furnace.

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