Chapter - 5 Sources of Energy

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Sources of Energy


What are the limitations of extracting energy from—

(a) the wind?       (b) waves?      (c) tides?


(a) Limitations of wind energy:

(i) Wind energy farms cannot be established everywhere. The wind energy farms can be established only at those places, where the wind blows for the most part of the year.

(ii) The wind required for generating electricity should be strong and steady to maintain the desired level of generation. The minimum wind speed necessary for the satisfactory working of the wind generator is about 15 km/h.

(iii) The wind energy farms require a large area of land.

(iv) The setting up of wind energy farms is very expensive.


(b) Limitations of wave energy: The harnessing of sea-waves energy would be a viable proposition only at those places where sea-waves are very strong. This has constraints of time and location.


(c) Limitations of tidal energy:

(i) There are very few sites around the world which are suitable for building tidal dams.

(ii) The rise and fall of sea-water during high and low tides are not enough to generate electricity on a large scale.

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