Chapter 3: Electricity

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Which of the following terms does not represent electrical power in a circuit?

(a) {I^2}R      (b) I{R}^2      (c) VI        (d) {V^2}/{R}


Electric power, P = VI …..(1)

That is an option (c).

Now, according to Ohm’s law, V = IR …..(2)

So, P = IR 	imes I

P = I^2R

That is an option (a).

Now, using equation (2)

V = IR

I = frac{V}{R}

Putting this value in eq(1), we get

P = V 	imes frac{V}{R}

P = frac{V^2}{R}

That is an option (d)

So, the correct option is (b).

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