Chapter 3: Electricity

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Which uses more energy, a 250 W TV set in 1 hr, or a 1200 W toaster in 10 minutes?


We know,

Energy consumed by an electric appliance is given by,

E = P 	imes t

Energy consumed by a TV of power 250 W in 1 h = 250 W 	imes 1 h = 250 W 	imes 3600 seconds = 9 	imes 10^5 J

Energy consumed by a toaster of power 1200 W in 10 minutes = 1200 W 	imes 10 minutes = 1200 	imes 600 seconds = 7.2 	imes 10^5 J

Therefore, the energy consumed by a TV is more than the energy consumed by a toaster.

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