Chapter - 4 Basic Geometrical Ideas

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Basic Geometrical Ideas


1. Draw a rough sketch of a triangle ABC. Mark a point P in its interior and a point Q in its exterior. Is the point A in its exterior or in its interior? 


Point A lie on the triangle ABC, neither exterior nor interior of the triangle.


2. (a) Identify three triangles in the figure.

(b) Write the names of seven angles.

(c) Write the names of six line segments.

(d) Which two triangles have ∠B as common?

Solution: (a) The three triangles are: small 	riangleABC, small 	riangleADC and small 	riangleADB.

(b) small angleBDA, small angleBCA, small angleBAD, small angleBAC, small angleCBA, small angleCDA and small angleCAB

(c) small overline{AB,}  overline{AC,}  overline{AD,}  overline{BD,}  overline{DC,}  overline{BC}

(d) small 	riangleABC and small 	riangleABD  have ∠B as the common angle.


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