Chapter 6: Transportation in Animals and Plants

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Transportation in Animals and Plants


Choose the correct option:

(a) In plants, water is transported through:

(i) xylem

(ii) phloem

(iii) stomata

(iv) root hair

(b) Water absorption through roots can be increased by keeping the plants:

(i) in the shade

(ii) in dim light

(iii) under the fan

(iv) covered with a polythene bag


(a) Roots absorbed water and nutrients present in the soil and these are transported to the leaves and other parts of plants by xylem. 

Hence, the correct answer is (i) xylem.

(b) The transpiration generates a suction force that can pull water to great heights in the tall trees. This process is enhanced when we keep the plant under the fan due to an increase in vapor pressure. 

Hence, the correct answer is (iii) under the fan.

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