Chapter 1: Nutrients in Plants

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Nutrition in Plants


Name the following:

(i) A parasitic plant with yellow, slender and branched stem.

(ii) A plant that is partially autotrophic.

(iii) The pores through which leaves exchange gases.


(i) Cuscuta (Amarbel) is a parasitic plant that has a yellow coloured branched stem. It does not have chlorophyll and it cannot synthesize its own food. It takes readymade food from the plant on which it is climbing. 

(ii) The plants which eat insects are called insectivorous plants. Insectivorous plants are green and carry out photosynthesis to obtain part of the food required by them. But they do not get nitrogen from the soil in which they grow. So, they feed on insects to obtain the nitrogen needed for their growth. They are also known as carnivorous plants. Example: Pitcher plant, Sundew and Venus fly trap.

(ii) The tiny pores present on the surface of leaves are called stomata. These pores are surrounded by guard cells.

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