Chapter 4: Soil

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Razia conducted an experiment in the field related to the rate of percolation. She observed that it took 40 min for 200 mL of water to percolate through the soil sample. Calculate the rate of percolation.


The process in which water passes down slowly through the soil is called the percolation of water. 

{color{Blue} mathbf{Percolation rate=frac{Volume of water percolated (ml)}{Percolation Time (min)}}}


According to the given question, the volume of percolated water is 200mL and the time is 40 minutes. Putting these values in the given equation, we get,

{color{Blue} mathbf{Percolation rate=frac{200 ml}{40 min}= 5 ml/min}}


Hence, the correct answer is 5 ml/min.


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