Chapter 5: Respiration in Organisms

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Respiration in Organisms


Take three test-tubes. Fill ¾th of each with water. Label them A, B and C. Keep a snail in test-tube A, a water plant in test-tube B and in C, keep snail and plant both. Which test-tube would have the highest concentration of CO2?


The living organisms inhale oxygen gas and release carbon dioxide gas while plants inhale carbon dioxide gas and release oxygen gas. Test tube A contains a snail. The snail will utilize oxygen gas and will release carbon dioxide gas. So, test tube A has the maximum concentration of CO2.

Test tube B contains a water plant while test tube C contains a snail and plant. The plant will consume all the carbon dioxide and release oxygen gas. Thus, the concentration of carbon dioxide gas will be less in both these test tubes.

Hence, the correct answer is test tube A.


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