Chapter 6: Transportation in Animals and Plants

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Transportation in Animals and Plants


What are the components of blood?


Blood is a red coloured fluid which flows in blood vessels and circulates in our body. Blood consists of four components:

1. Red blood cells (RBCs) – Red blood cells are red in colour because it contains a red pigment called haemoglobin. Haemoglobin binds with oxygen and transports it to all parts of the body and ultimately to all the cells.

2. White blood cells (WBCs) – White blood cells fight against germs that may enter our body and protect us from diseases.

3. Plasma – The liquid part of blood is called plasma. Plasma carries water and dissolved substances such as digested food and waste products from one part to another part of the body.

4. Platelets  Platelets help in the clotting of blood in a cut or wound area.

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