Chapter 2: Acids,Bases, and Salts

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Acids,Bases, and Salts


Explain why:

(a) An antacid tablet is taken when you suffer from acidity.

(b) Calamine solution is applied on the skin when an ant bites.

(c) Factory waste is neutralised before disposing it into the water bodies.


(a) Acidity is caused due to excessive acid production in the stomach that causes indigestion. It is neutralized by taking an antacid like milk of magnesia. The antacid neutralises the excess acid produced in the stomach. 

(b) When an ant bites, it injects formic acid into the skin. The effect is neutralized by rubbing moist baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) or calamine (containing zinc carbonate). The calamine lotion or baking soda neutralises the acid by forming salt and water.

(c) Wastes coming from factories contain acids that flow into water bodies which can harm and kill aquatic life. Therefore, these acidic wastes are neutralised by adding basic substances like calcium hydroxide.

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