Chapter 7: Pollution of Air and Water

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Pollution of Air and Water


Prepare a brief speech on global warming. You have to deliver the speech in your class.


The radiations that fall on the earth’s surface are trapped by the atmosphere just like a greenhouse where the heat is trapped inside a nursery and is not allowed to move out. These trapped rays warm the Earth's surface. This is known as the greenhouse effect. The increasing amount of CO2 leads to the greenhouse effect. We know that human releases carbon dioxide while respiring. Since the population is increasing the amount of CO2 is increasing at an alarming rate. Along with big factories and industries are releasing carbon dioxide into the air. As plants consume carbon dioxide while photosynthesis but nowadays there is little space left for forests. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere. This CO2 traps the heat and does not let it escape. This thereby increases the temperature of the Earth. This is known as Global warming. Global warming is a major threat to the environment. It causes an increase in sea level drastically that causes floods in many coastal areas. It widely changes the pattern of rainfall that could adversely affect the people who depend on agriculture as the source of income. It has become a major threat worldwide. Many countries started working on reducing carbon dioxide gas emissions. The Kyoto Protocol is the agreement between some countries that work together to reduce the emission of xi major greenhouse gases.

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