Chapter 6: Reaching the Age of Adolescence

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Reaching the Age of Adolescence


What are sex hormones? Why are they named so? State their function.


Sex Hormones are involved in the development and control of the reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. The production of sex hormone is under the control of another hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Testes make a male sex hormone called testosterone at the time of puberty. This causes changes in boys during puberty. During puberty in girls, the ovaries begin to produce the female sex hormone called estrogen. Estrogen hormone produces female secondary sexual characteristics (development of breast, broaden hips, growth of hair under the arms, etc.). The testis and ovaries are the reproductive organs of the male and female respectively, that are stimulated by the pituitary gland during puberty. That is why the hormones released by the testis and ovaries are called sex hormones.

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