Chapter 1: Crop Production and Management

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Crop Production and Management


What is irrigation? Describe two methods of irrigation which conserve water.


The process of supplying water to crops at regular intervals is called irrigation. Along with water, fertilizers and minerals present in the soil are also get absorbed. Water is essential for the germination of seeds. The time and frequency of irrigation vary from crop to crop, soil to soil, and season to season. 

Two irrigation methods that conserve water are:

(a) Sprinkler: This system is used for uneven land. The perpendicular pipes have rotating nozzles on top. They are connected to the main pipeline. When water is allowed to pass through the main pipeline with pressure, it escapes through the rotating nozzles. In this way, the water gets sprinkled on the crop.

(b) Drip irrigation – In this system waterfall drop by drop directly near the roots with the help of pipes or tubes. It is the best technique for watering gardens and trees. It is best in a region where water availability is poor.

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