Chapter 3: Conservation of Plants and Animals

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Conservation of Plants and Animals


What will happen if:

(a) we go on cutting trees.

(b) the habitat of an animal is disturbed.

(c) the top layer of soil is exposed.


(a) If we keep on cutting trees, the fertility of the soil will be reduced. Plants absorbs underground water through their roots and release it into the atmosphere in the form of water vapor during transpiration. This water vapour goes up and forms clouds and helps in bringing rain. The rainwater gets percolated into the ground and stored as underground water. Deforestation means fewer trees results in less rainfall which leads to a decrease in the underground level.

(b) If we keep on disturbing the habitat of the animal, the survival of the animals will be very difficult. They will not have enough space to live and breed and hence they will wander to the nearby villages for the hunt for food and will target the domesticated animal.

(c) When the fertile top layer of soil is removed, the lower, hard and rocky layer of soil is exposed. This layer of soil has less humus and is less fertile. Plants do not grow well in this less fertile soil. When the fertile land gets converted into deserts it is called desertification.

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