Chapter 4: Combustion and Flame

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Combustion and Flame


In an experiment 4.5 kg of a fuel was completely burnt. The heat produced was measured to be 180,000 kJ. Calculate the calorific value of the fuel.


The fuel efficiency of a fuel depends on its calorific value. The calorific value of a fuel depends on the amount of heat produced by the complete combustion of 1 kg of the fuel. The unit used to measure the calorific value of a fuel is kilojoule per kg (kJ/kg).

{color{Blue} mathbf{Calorific value = frac{Heat produced}{Amount of a fuel}}}


In the given question, the amount of fuel is 4.5kg and it produces 180,000 kJ heat. The calorific value of the fuel is calculated as shown below:

mathbf{Calorific value = frac{180000 kJ}{4.5kg}= 40,000 kJ/kg}


Hence, the correct answer is 40,000 kJ/kg.

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