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Describe the construction of a kaleidoscope.


Construction: Take three rectangular mirror strips of dimensions 15cm x 4cm and join them together to form a prism, three plane mirrors are inclined on each other at 60 degree. A prism is fixed into a circular cardboard tube. The circular cardboard tube should be slightly longer than the prism. This circular tube is now closed at one end with a cardboard disc. This disc has a hole through which we can see. At the other end of the circular tube, a plane glass plate is fixed. It is important that this glass plate touches the prism mirrors. On this glass plate, several small and broken pieces of coloured glass are placed. This end is now closed by a round glass plate allowing enough space for the coloured glass pieces to move. The three mirrors form multiple images of the glass pieces, resulting in beautiful patterns which change continuously as the position of the glass piece shifts.

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