Chapter - 6 Light

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Explain how you can take care of your eyes.


The precautions to protect our eyes are the following:

1) If advised, use suitable spectacles.

2) Wash your eyes frequently with clean water.

3) Never rub your eyes. If particles of dust go into your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water. If there is no improvement go to the doctor.

4) Do not look directly into the sun.

5) Do not work or read in dim light or very bright light.

6) Always read at the normal distance (25 cm) for vision. Do not read by bringing your book too close to your eyes or keeping it too far.

7) In case of infections in the eyes consult a doctor as early as possible.

8) Avoid watching TV or working on a computer for long sessions.

9) Eat a balanced diet rich in Vitamin A.

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