Chapter - 1 Force and Pressure

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Force and Pressure


In the following situations identify the agent exerting the force and the object on which it acts. State the effect of the force in each case.

(a) Squeezing a piece of lemon between the fingers to extract its juice.

(b) Taking out paste from a toothpaste tube.

(c) A load suspended from a spring while its other end is on a hook fixed to a wall.

(d) An athlete making a high jump to clear the bar at a certain height. 


(a) When a lemon is squeezed, muscular force is applied by the fingers on the lemon. As a result, the shape of the lemon gets changed.

(b) A muscular force(Push) is applied by the hand on the tube of toothpaste. As a result, the shape of the tube changes.

(c) The suspended load exerts a downward force(Pull) on the spring as a result of which the spring gets stretched and its shape changes.

(d) When an athlete attempts a high jump, his feet apply muscular force and pushes on the ground, as a result, he jumps over the bar. In this case, his state of motion gets changed.

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