Chapter - 5 Some Natural Phenomena

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Some Natural Phenomena


Write T against true and F against false in the following statements.

(a) Like charges attract each other (T/F)

(b) A charged glass rod attract a charged plastic straw (T/F)

(c) Lightning conductor cannot protect a building from lightning (T/F)

(d) Earthquakes can be predicted in advance (T/F)


(a) False, like charges repel each other. For example: A positive charge repels other positive charges.

(b) True, plastic straw has negative charge on its surface and glass rod has a positive charge on its surface. As we know opposite charge attracts each other. Therefore, charged glass rod will attract charged plastic straw.

(c) False, the lightning conductor is used to protect from the effect of lightning. The rod transferred the electric charge of the lightning to the ground.

(d) False, earthquakes cannot be predicted in advance.

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