Chapter 1: Matter in our Surroundings

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Matter in our Surroundings


Q.6: Give two reasons to justify:

(a) water at room temperature is a liquid

(b) an iron almirah is a solid at room temperature


(a)- The water freezes at 0โฐC while it vaporizes at 100โฐC. This means that water has a fixed shape and volume at a temperature below 0โฐC while it has neither a fixed shape nor a fixed volume at a temperature above 100โฐC. The room temperature is about 20-25โฐC. At room temperature, water has a fixed volume but no fixed shape. That is why water assumed the shape of the container. Water can easily flow because of moderate intermolecular forces of attraction. Hence, water is liquid at room temperature.

(b)- The iron almirah has a fixed shape and volume at room temperature. It has a rigid structure that cannot be deformed easily. This is because iron has strong intermolecular forces of attraction, which is a property of a solid. Hence, an iron almirah is solid at room temperature.

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