Chapter 1: Matter in our Surroundings

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Matter in our Surroundings


Q.3: Give reason for the following observations:

(a)- Naphthalene balls disappear with time without leaving any solid.

(b)- We can get the smell of perfume sitting several metres away.


(a)- Naphthalene is a solid that undergoes sublimation easily. Sublimation is the process in which the solid changes its state to gas without leaving any residues. So, naphthalene balls vapourize when kept for some time without leaving any residues.

(b)- Diffusion is the process in which the particles of two different matter intermix into each other. The particles of gas have high kinetic energy and can diffuse faster. Perfumes contain liquid that vaporizes easily. When perfume is sprayed, the particles of perfume diffuse into the particles of air at a very fast rate. The particles of perfume reach our nostrils and we can able to smell the perfume from a distance.

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