Chapter 1: Matter in our Surroundings

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Matter in our Surroundings


Q.5: What is the physical state of water at:

(a)-  25°C

(b)-  0โฐC

(c)- 100โฐC


(a)- The room temperature is about 20-25 degrees centigrade. The water exists in a liquid state at room temperature. So, at 25โฐC, the physical state of water is liquid. 

(b)- The water freezes at 0โฐC. This means that at 0โฐC, water converts into solid. So, the physical state of water at 0โฐC is solid.

(c)- The boiling point of water is 100โฐC. This means that at this temperature, water starts evaporating. So, both liquid and gaseous states of water exist at this temperature.

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