Chapter - 2 Force and Laws of Motion

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Force and Laws of Motion


A hockey ball of mass 200 g travelling at 10 ms^{-1} is struck by a hockey stick so as to return it along its original path with a velocity at 5 ms^{-1}. Calculate the magnitude of change of momentum occurred in the motion of the hockey ball by the force applied by the hockey stick.


Given: Mass of the ball, m = 200 g = frac{200}{1000} = 0.2 kg

Initial velocity of the ball, u = 10 ms^{-1}

Final velocity of the ball, v = -5 ms^{-1}

{v is taken negative because the direction of motion is opposite}

Change in momentum = Final momentum - Initial momentum

Change in momentum = mv - mu

Change in momentum = 0.2 	imes (-5) - 0.2 	imes 10

Change in momentum = -1 kgms^{-1} - 2 kgms^{-1}

Change in momentum = -3 kgms^{-1}

Therefore, the change in momentum of the hockey ball is 3 kgms^{-1}.


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