Chapter - 1 Motion

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A motorboat starting from rest on a lake accelerates in a straight line at a constant rate of 3.0 ms–2 for 8.0 s. How far does the boat travel during this time?


Initial velocity, u = 0 m/s (since the motorboat is initially at rest)

Acceleration of the motorboat, a = 3 m/s2

Time taken, t = 8 s

According to the second equation of motion:

S= ut+ frac{1}{2} at^2

Distance covered by the motorboat, S

S= 0 	imes 8 + frac{1}{2} 	imes 3 	imes (8)^2

S= 0 + frac{1}{2} 	imes 3 	imes 64

S=96 m

Hence, the boat travels a distance of 96 m.

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