Chapter - 5 Sound

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A sonar device on a submarine sends out a signal and receives an echo 5 s later. Calculate the speed of sound in water if the distance of the object from the submarine is 3625 m.



Distance of the object from the submarine = 3625 m

The time is taken for emission and detection of sound wave = 5 seconds

The sound wave will cover twice the distance between the object and submarine in 5 seconds as the sound waves move towards the object and get back after reflection.

Let assume the distance between the submarine and the object is d meter.

So, in 5 seconds the sound wave covers 2d m distance.

Now, using the relation

Speed = frac{Distance}{Time}

Speed = frac{2d}{t}

Speed = frac{2 	imes 3625}{5}

Speed = 1450 ms^{-1}

Thus, the speed of sound in water is 1450 m/s.

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