Chapter - 5 Sound

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Describe with the help of a diagram, how compressions and rarefactions are produced in air near a source of sound. 


Sound needs a medium to propagate and, medium is the matter or substance through which sound transmit. It can be solid, liquid or gas.

When a sound travel through a medium, the particles in the medium simply vibrate about their mean position and they do not travel from one place to other. It is the disturbance(sound wave) that travels to propagate sound.

When a vibrating object moves forward, it pushes and compresses the air forward creating a region of high pressure. This region is called a compression (C). This compression starts to move away from the vibrating object.

When the vibrating object moves backwards, it creates a region of low pressure called rarefaction (R). As the object moves back and forth rapidly, a series of compressions and rarefactions are created in the air. These make the sound wave that propagates through the medium.

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