How to Ace the CBSE Board Exams

How to Ace the CBSE Board Exams-  

More or less, all students feel little nervousness when their exam comes closer especially if students are going to appear board exams. The taboo we already heard about board exams make students unconscious and less confident. There is seen an urge in students to perform well in the board exams and as well as excel in that. It is a dream of almost every student to get a bright career by cracking the board exams and taking admission to the desired college. Here are given some excellent tips to ace the CBSE board exams:

1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses before exams. By identifying your focus areas you’ll be able to work even harder to get all your topics covered before-hand. Try to take assessments for every topic you’ve prepared and know the areas of your strengths. Take Smart Assessments here. Understand your learning gaps and prepare accordingly. 

2. Know your exam pattern

One of the best ways to make your exam load easy is to pick up previous year question papers of CBSE boards and practice them. You will realize that there is a fixed pattern around which CBSE revolves and ask the questions in the exam papers. Practising previous year’s question papers give you the confidence to appear in exams with a more stable mindset.

3. Practice hard

There is no such hard and fast rule except practice. Keep practising until you are able to answer every question perfectly. The practice is the main key to crack CBSE board exams.

4. Make NCERT books your friend

It is said that NCERT books are CBSE’s favourite. Maximum questions come from NCERT’s only. Ensure that you study them in-depth and prepare from NCERT notes. Also, solve the questions which are given at the end of chapters.

5. Have a disciplined routine

Are you a morning person or night person? Well, It doesn’t affect your exam success. Whatever your study schedule is, Make sure you follow it every single day. Have a proper and strict schedule for yourself. It may happen that your body will take a few days to adjust to the new disciplined routine but it is okay. Once you make your schedule, stick to it. 

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6. Relax your brain

It is normal to have stress when only a few days left to your board exams. But try to minimize it by doing meditation, yoga, listen to soothing music or anything you love to do. Give free space to your brain before exams. Let your mind relax and have some time for yourself and for your family and friends too.

7. Take a mock test

You have already heard about the mock test from your friends, teachers and parents It is likely a question paper with the same exam pattern. Solve the mock test at your convenience. This will help all the students in practising more and knowing about a variety of questions which can be asked in the board exams.

8. Have a strategy for preparation

To-do-list or sticky notes are useful reminders. Short notes, Acronyms and Charts help a lot in preparation. Make a chart for important formulae and equations of Maths & Science. Note down the topics that are well-studied and which are needed to be studied. At the end of the day, check your to-do list and revise exam content more often. 

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9. Have shorter achievable targets

After knowing your strength and weakness, have smaller smart targets. Prepare as per your targets and reward yourself after every success. In this way, you prepare milestones for your success. Your targets should be SMART i.e Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

10. Have a break from social media

Social media sites may distract you and will make you spend more time than required. So, It is advisable to spend quality time with yourself and with your loved ones. A positive mindset is as important as exams. Make sure that you remain positive throughout the exam preparation.

Hope you find all these tips helpful. By following the above tips for CBSE Board Exams you are definitely going to rock in your CBSE board exams. You can also Enrol at Special Crash Course for Class 10 for Maths and Science. Hopefully, you will score more than 90% and reach your target destination- the college of your choice.

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