5 Useful Examination Tips for CBSE Mathematics Class 8

Maths is the subject from which almost all the students fear a lot because there is no guesswork involved in it and one has to be very much sure about the formulas which one is going to apply in the questions. Many students love maths and take interest in solving the questions but most of the students are always under stress because of this logical subject.

You often heard that one needs to have a strong IQ for this subject but it is not true in such cases as one can attain a strong command over the subject by regular practice only. Some students fall in love with the subject because they practice a lot. To your wonder math worksheets for CBSE class 8 are a great resource to have command over the subject.

Math Worksheets Class 8

Following are some useful exam preparation tips for students to score well:

  • There must be proper rough area by making margins: It has been very well saying the cleaner the better. One must write the test paper as clean as possible and one should feature every single step in the most ideal way so that there is no disarray according to the inspector's perspective. This will help to provide the area for calculations and will help in making a good impression that the student has a clear cut mindset. One must avoid cutting and over-writing in the exam.

  • Concept of step marking: One must give proper focus on the steps of the questions one will solve. One needs to understand the logic and simply cramming the things won't help in tackling the reasons. There are always some marks for the steps no matter if the answer is right or wrong.

  • The graphs and figures: If properly made and depicted, graphs and figures can etch good marks to the students. One must have a sharpened pencil and a ruler with them to make these graphs and figures. Using such things one will be able to make things clearer and even save a lot of time.

  • Finishing the known questions first: One must read the paper before starting it. One must always begin with the questions one knows so that there is no wastage of time and the person might not get stuck somewhere. There must be proper strategies so that time can be saved and the paper can be very well attempted on time leading to good marks.

  • Revise a lot: After finishing the paper one must begin the thorough revision. One must check if all the questions are attempted or not. One must attempt the paper in the serial order only to avoid such errors. Then one must check the steps of all the questions and must ensure that there has been nothing important part skipped. One must prefer NCERT class 8 maths book solutions while preparing for the exam.

To achieve good marks one must learn the concepts and practice them thoroughly and remember there are no shortcuts in this subject. One has to devote time and there is no other option. People can practice maths worksheets for class 8 CBSE which will help them a lot.

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