Ways to Help Students Understand Class 6 Math

Math is considered one of the toughest subjects when it comes to teaching or learning. It is very common to see students afraid of math, and find difficulty in solving math questions. Basically, Math is based on logic and pre-defined rules that you study and apply   No other special skill involved there. However, your mental presence is a must!

Here's one easiest rule to understand math is working on it every day. The more time you spend practicing it around the number and concepts the more you become familiar with it and will start to enjoy the math eventually. Let’s have a look at 5 ways that help students to understand Class 6 mathematics.

5 ways to help students understand Class 6 math in 2021-

1. Create an effective environment

Before starting any topic or concept for CBSE Class 6 Math, try creating an effective environment around you. Use the first 5 minutes to set the tone, or for revision of earlier concepts so that your mind starts involving. It is a sign of active learning. Ask your questions/doubts or try to remember formulas or solve any simple logical problem from a book. And if you make any mistakes, ask your teacher or parents and rectify them. Participation & discussion plays a very important role in learning. The more you participate and practice the more you feel comfortable in the subject.

2. Introduce new topics using multiple representations

Everyone has a different learning pattern. That is why It is not easy to understand every topic in a single manner. Some concepts required more graphical representation whereas some concepts can be studied from a book only. To understand and remember math concepts for the long term, try using multiple representations. It includes graphs, diagrams, tables, charts and more. Many studies have also found visual learning is one of the best ways to understand and remember concepts.

3. Practice Math worksheets

You often heard this quote, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Well, It is true in the case of Math. To master concepts of mathematics, keep practicing them. Try to solve problems in as many ways as you can. Use CBSE Class 6 math worksheets and try to solve them. The best part is worksheets are easily available on the internet. You can also join Online tuition for Class 6 by EduSaksham, they are providing Class 6 Math study material along with the tuition classes. 

4. Discuss problems in the real world

Ideally, we would consistently have the option to show how every idea can be applied to this present reality -- and when that's possible, it helps improve your understanding. Use your logical reasoning while solving the problems. Discuss concepts and theorems with your friends and classmates and connect them with the real world. 

5. End class with a summary

Everyone has their pre-decided timetable for every subject. So is with the math. It is advisable while wrapping up the math class, take a quick recap of what you have learned today. This will deconstruct your learning and keep it for the long term. And Yes! Practice is very important.

Wrapping up

To sum up, Math is a very interesting subject if studied interestingly. The ultimate goal of every teacher is to help students understand the subject and build their foundation. To make students understand Class 6 math, the effective ways & methods mentioned above have to be adopted. Start solving Class 6 math question paper. And gain confidence in the subject. Nothing is hard if you have decided to conquer it.

We would love to hear your views. In the comments section below, If you have more to add, please share your tips and tricks for helping students understand math.

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