How to Top in Class 6 Mathematics - 6 Proven Tips

A guide for better marks in mathematics for class 6

Class 6 is a major turning point in a student's academic life and is a sign of the commencement of Secondary school. The level of education is also levelled up as compared to standard 5th as it introduces new concepts, formulas, chapters, and more in-depth theories. Class 6 Maths is famous for being the most burdensome upgrade as compared to its counterparts. The fear of Maths is very common but today let’s try to break the mould. 

Mathematics is a very opinionated subject, people assume that you need to be good with numbers or possess certain skills to excel in maths. But in reality, it’s all about practicing. See mathematics is a quantitative subject with defining rules and formulas to ace in its time need to be put in. Ace your next mathematics test with these 6 proven tips-

1) Look for quality study material

When we talk about math, it is vital to have a good collection of study material in your arsenal. Learning materials play an important role because your mastery of the subject depends on the type of material you study and the problem you solve. As a student, make sure that the worksheet and practice paper you purchase or download is updated with the current syllabus and pattern. Always go for quality Mathematics class 6 solutions.

2) Regular Turnout is important

Be it school or tuition as a student you need to maintain regularity. Especially in a subject like mathematics where classes move fast forward. Just a single session miss and you can forget a whole concept. The same applies to online tuition also, so make sure to not miss out on classes. 

3) Maintain Notes 

Maintaining 6th class maths notes is crucial as it helps keep track and is of great help when you get stuck on a particular concept or question. So, maintaining a record is important to score well in maths.

4) Hone the basics

The basic skills like multiplication, division are important and as a student, you need to have a good command of them. These skills come in very handy in high-level maths

5) One question Many solutions

Every individual has a different wavelength of understanding a concept. If as a student you are not able to understand a particular method you don’t need to panic instead try to learn from a different way. The beauty of math is that you can solve one question in three different ways. If you get stuck or find it difficult, look for alternatives. 

6) Don’t skip

Leaving a certain question or concept just because it is difficult or you are not able to get your head around it is not a great move. Because in the end, it can harm your scorecard more than that if you skip a concept and move to the next. It breaks the continuity of the whole chapter making it more difficult for you to understand. 

Lastly, not just hard work you also need to do smart work. Keep track of your performance, work on the topics you find difficult at the same time. Keep practicing those topics you are good at to maximize your score. Don’t give up and be truthful towards your preparation and you will get a great result.

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