Yes! Maths can be your child’s best friend...

We all know children who are extremely good at Maths and for many Maths is the biggest fear. I was pondering upon this thought for quite some time now…Why do children fear Maths? What all it takes to be good in Maths? How being good at Maths is beneficial? What are all the steps to do?

I know many students who score low, average, and good marks in Maths. I got a few important insights after having interaction with them which I’m going to share with you all here. This may help your child or someone you may know.

While interacting with students about fear of maths, a couple of factors came across as the most common. Either the students didn’t have good experience with maths problem-solving at an early age or they were not trained well in maths.

Few questions wrong in a concept and a student find Maths difficult. They were even ok to leave the concept with partial or no concept understanding. This breeds low self-confidence among students in maths.

So what can be done here? The answer is age-old but highly applicable till date. And the answer is - PRACTICE.


We all know that practice is easy said than done. I’m sharing some related aspects of practice here, with a belief that this may help you to understand your child and motivate him/her to do more:


1. Practice requires Hard work- Doing maths practice requires a dedicated effort

2. Practice should be done consistently- Occasional maths practice leads to nowhere. The practice must be done on a regular basis.

3. Practice requires discipline- Daily maths practice for at least 1-2 hours

This way keen interest can be developed for Maths among students. 

One of the major points of consideration of doing Practice is to have a Goal. Once a goal is fixed, students are in a good position to review their level of practice and how much more practice is required. It's important to evaluate the performance and learn more conceptual knowledge during the entire process.  


Maths being creative and interpretive in nature, it brings learnings and develops skills which nobody can take away from your child and helps them in every sphere of life. 

We all have learning capabilities that need to be nurtured at every stage with the right inputs. Some of the learnings that your child can develop are- they start to seek help to resolve their doubts, they learn problem-solving skills, they build visualization and critical-thinking skills and many more career avenues open up for them. 


With this, I wish you and your child Happy Maths Practicing. If you find the shared information useful, please pass it on further to your friends.

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