Ways to Achieve Excellence in Class 7 Mathematics

Studying & understanding math could never be seen as an easy task. It requires an active mind and every child has a unique learning pattern. Some are fond of visual learning while some are of kinesthetic learning. And you will find mathematics a combination of theory and numerical. As sometimes learning something in a practical based paper including theorems, formulas can also be frustrating. To help you, we have got some useful tips to achieve excellence in Class 7 Mathematics. So, be with us till the end.

To understand math, do you know how important retaining power is? Basically, the power of retaining is dependent on how the concept has been taught to you. If you have already learned something with so many pictorial graphs, examples, videos or with practical experience then the chances of retaining that concept are more. Even class 7 maths worksheets CBSE are also available for the students to practice more and build a strong foundation. These worksheets are mainly meant for practice purposes so that students can assess that whatever they learned is understandable to them or not.

The most interesting way of learning for the students is to teach with so many pictorial examples, conceptual notes, discussion forum, concept videos etc. with the aim to provide every study material for the students so that they can better understand the concepts. Here are some quick tips which can surely help you to understand class 7 CBSE Mathematics-

  • Make a study planner (chapter-wise or topic-wise)
  • Use infographics or pictorial examples for better retention
  • Watch video lessons instead of reading books/notes. 
  • Ask questions more often
  • Take quizzes and mock test
  • Don’t take the stress and believe in your natural potential.

Practice regularly is the only mantra for understanding mathematics. You should always ensure that you take tests and make use of the model papers or the practice tests to prepare effectively. The practice tests would inform you about the weakness you have and in which topic and your strong points. Mock tests would help you at every step. These would work as your teacher and partner and fill more confidence in you. Thus, you must use stuff like the CBSE maths model for class 7 or other classes and make sure that you do your paper prep most effectively. You can also prefer Class 7 maths NCERT solutions. 

Enjoy math and share your feedback on this. Stay tuned for more interesting blogs coming your way.

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